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The Truth behind Vajayjay Tightening Creams

Many people feel that their clitorises have become loose, which is not actually the truth. It happens purely due to the chemical named estrogen that is present in the body, which gives you such sensations. Therefore, you would need to know the truth behind the use of vajayjay tightened creams that promise to give you a tighter clit just in case you feel that it has gone loose over a period of time.

Penetration does not affect your clit

Many women wrongly believe that penetration during coitus makes their clitorises feel loose. This is, however, not the truth. The reality is that only when estrogen, a chemical present within women’s bodies, moves up and down the body it gives you such sensations. In fact, the looseness of the vajayjay is only a feeling and not the entire truth. However, if you wish to change this situation, you can always use vaginal tightening gel, which is highly effective in such situations.

You can use creams to handle the situation

Your honeypot does not always feel tight, which is not an unnatural situation but rather something natural. Therefore, you should use only natural herb-based emollients, which can solve the problem of a loose clitoris for you. Avoid using chemical-based salves on your lady parts, which can only harm them or even damage their functioning. You would just need to make sure that you are using plant extract-based balms and not the ones that use artificial ingredients. This should solve the problem for you.

Astringents do the trick without harming you

The astringents that are present within the creams that claim to tighten your clit are the ones that do the needful but without harming you. The effect may be temporary, but it will not hurt you, and you can rest assured about this truth. The lubricants in your vajayjay will, however, be completely removed so that it becomes tighter than before. It may be only temporary, but you can be completely safe in the process. Neither will it burn your lady parts, nor will it damage your sensitive private parts.

Kegels are not the speediest

If you want a quick method to tighten your honeypot, you would need to avoid Kegels since such exercises do not give you quick results. Exercises give you the same temporary tightness, but you would have to put in a lot of effort in order to achieve your sexual goals. Instead of this, why not use vaginal tightening gel, which can both give you the results you desire without damaging your health as well as give you the temporary tightness that you crave. Therefore, you can always rely upon such emollients and apply them to your vajayjay whenever you wish to achieve some stiffness. Not only will your man be impressed with you, but he will also praise you for the fun times you have had with him in bed. Therefore, it is the safest as well as the most effective method to achieve firmness of your clitoris.