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Staph Infection Causes, Symptoms, And Why Vitastem Ultra Is The Best Treatment

Do you know staphylococcus bacteria are the culprits behind getting a staph infection? As it turns out, roughly 30% of the population routinely carries staph in their nose, mouth, genital, or anal area without showing any signs of illness. The best way to pick up bacteria from the floor is with our feet. A little wound that opens up to germs is usually the starting point for the infection. It might cause the skin to develop a honey-yellow crust.

Illnesses caused by staph bacteria can range from the standard boil to antibiotic-resistant conditions to flesh-eating diseases. The severity, penetration, and rate of spread of an infection and its response to medications differentiate one from another.

Common Causes Of Staph Infection

Bacteria are the source of staph infection. These germs are very contagious and quickly pass between humans. One can acquire staph infections through a variety of means.

  • Body-to-body contacts, like in a fitness class or spa
  • Using other contaminated towels and sheets
  • While in Operation
  • Sometimes, medicine, catheters, and other devices in the hospital
  • Lack of regular hand washing and other fundamental hygiene practices.

Common Symptoms Of A Staph Infection

The first sign of staph cellulitis is usually a sore, swollen, and red region. Sometimes it all starts with a cut or scrape. Sometimes there is a visible wound, while other times, there is none.

Cellulitis presents with classic redness, warmth, swelling, and inflammation discomfort. These symptoms may indicate the development of cellulitis in any open wound or ulcer on the skin. The spread of your staph infection may cause fever, chills, sweats, and localized or generalized edema.

Staph bacteria can also cause impetigo, a contagious rash, and skin syndrome, manifesting as a rash, blisters, and fever in newborns and young children.

Why Vitastem Ultra Is The Best Treatment

One of the most cutting-edge wound care therapies is the recently developed topical antibiotic spray Vitastem Ultra, as all ingredients used are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is a topical antibiotic and first-aid ointment that helps to improve the natural healing of diabetic ulcers and surgical wounds in patients.

Numerous Therapy Alternatives: It is effective against various bacteria and fungi and can treat many wounds, including minor cuts, deep lacerations, burns, and disorders, including impetigo, cellulitis, and folliculitis.

  • Simple to Use: You can easily apply it to your wound since it is a spray.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Online reviews from satisfied customers attest to Vitastem’s effectiveness in healing wounds and alleviating the symptoms of skin diseases.