An exclusive kind of Asian eyelid surgery is called double eyelid surgery. It is called Asian double fold or double fold surgery. This procedure creates a noticeable tear in the upper part of the eyelid.

By enhancing the eyelid shape and enhancing your natural characteristics, MG Treatment by Double Eyelids Surgery (ทำตาสองชั้นรักษาโรค MG, which is the term in Thai) aims to improve the appearance of the eyes. We will look at the advantages offered by the operation.

Helps Enhance Your Appearance

Double folds, known as folds located at the top of the eyelid’s platform, are only found on some of the lids due to the many variations within the eyelids. Females and males consider this fold attractive and beneficial in creating a defined lid. It also makes applying makeup more accessible, allowing you to change your look every day or enhance the appearance of the eyes.

A Detailed Surgery

Double-folding, or the absence of one, are common traits in Asian eyes. A surgeon with experience can create small creases to outline the fold of the upper eyelid. The intricate procedure involves making the fold, cutting a small portion of the skin and then gently pulling the skin and muscles. Except for the upper eyelid fold, which will significantly improve your appearance, most of the lid’s appearance remains.

Get A Natural Look

For a natural appearance, your fold’s position is essential. Every eyelid should be folded precisely and proportionately, retaining all the natural eyelids. As some texts recommend creating this fold too high or because the surgeon sometimes does not have the expertise to perform Asian Double fold surgeries, the treatment of a nonspecialist might end up with unsatisfactory results.

Find A Skilled Surgeon

Finding a skilled and experienced surgeon who knows the specifics of the procedure and can modify it according to the individual’s needs is vital to get the appearance of a natural one. Your doctor should employ an extremely cautious approach to improve the shape of your eyes rather than changing the look of your eyes overall.

In addition to finding the best eye surgeon, ensure that you find the most effective method to make that double fold. The most effective method is to perform the procedure previously mentioned. However, other popular methods involve using sutures for interim stitches to form a top-of-the-eyelid fold. They eventually fall apart as they cannot last significantly for long. Double-fold surgery is an excellent option for the longest-lasting enhancement and a polished appearance.


Even though every person’s eyes are distinct, this process should keep them in good condition. Eyes are as individual as you are. Hence, an effective procedure should be personalized for your needs.