Humans start facing various health issues and body pain once they reach a certain age. Enhancing the condition is difficult if the pain is prolonged and unattended. Treating the pain as soon as it is detected or realized is crucial, as this can lead to chronic pain and illness after a certain period. The most unknown type of pain seen in human is related to their legs.

The sciatica pain (ปวดหลังร้าวลงขา รักษา, which is the term in Thai) is something that people usually go through but doesn’t realize the seriousness of it. Let us understand what this pain is and how it occurs.

Causes And Reasons

This particular type of pain is initiated from the hip bone, down to the legs and calf muscle and moves along the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body. This type of pain is seen starting from the lower back of a human and going down to the hips and the later part of the legs.

It is always advised to get it checked if the pain is severe, as it may lead to unwanted issues. Sciatica pain is commonly seen in people who have various problems like

  • Slip disc or herniated disc issues
  • Issues related to their spinal cord
  • Spondylolysis
  • Any disease or discomfort related to the disc
  • Other issues include pregnancy, tumors, etc

What Are The Various Precautions To Prevent Such Unbearable Pain Situations?

However, the pain in the sciatic nerve can be mild to worse and often lead to burns and aches. This pain can be treated with a non-surgical solution if the pain is not too severe with the help of exercises.

Here are a few measures and precautions to be taken to avoid severe pain situations

  • Always sit in an upright and good posture to avoid putting pressure on the lower back.
  • With the help of exercises and daily stretches, the back muscles can stay strong and upright.
  • Never indulge in lifting heavy weights or objects as it may lead to strain on the back.
  • An overweight person is more prone to such situations. Hence, it becomes essential for them to lose weight to avoid pain.
  • Always have a balance between the time you sit or stand, as prolonged sitting or standing hours can also lead to such kind of pain.

These are a few solutions to avoid chronic pain that might disturb your life for a longer duration.