A commode wheelchair is a portable toilet. It can also be classified as a manual wheelchair with a commode. Patients with extremely restricted mobility use it. Their structure consists of a frame and a waste receptacle, which can be easily removed and cleaned. The frame and the cushion support are made from easy-to-clean materials to facilitate hygiene. 

Having the commode wheelchair is a boon to a person who is losing their mobility, and hence their autonomy. Very often, our homes are not equipped to suit the needs of a loved one who is losing their autonomy over bodily functions due to an illness. The use of a commode wheelchair helps the patient to regain their independence, confidence and autonomy over their day-to-day lives. 

Things to keep in mind while choosing a Commode wheelchair.

  1. Material and mechanics of the commode: Check the chair and make sure that the commode detaches and attaches smoothly. Ensure that it is made from good quality and anti-bacterial plastic to ensure cleanliness and maintain hygiene.
  2. The Material of the Frame: A wheelchair with a commode is a mobility aid used by patients who have severely restricted mobility. One of the first requirements is that it should be sturdy. The metal frame commode wheelchair is made from chrome-plated metal, which is therefore water-resistant. This prevents corrosion and makes the wheelchair commode durable and long-lasting. 
  3. Comfortable seat: Ensure that the seat is made from a good quality material like rexine, which can be wiped down with a damp cloth to ensure the maintenance of proper patient hygiene. It should be comfortable to sit on as patients tend to spend a fair amount of time in wheelchairs. 
  4. Comfortable and ergonomically designed body structure: you should choose a scientifically designed wheelchair with padded armrests and back support. It should have ample support for the neck and head to be able to support the patient.
  5. Weight-bearing capacity: The weight-bearing capacity of the commode wheelchair is an important factor to consider when dealing with overweight patients. Choose a wheelchair commode that supports your patient’s weight. 
  6. Wheels: Pick the design and wheel structure based on the requirements of your patient. If the goal is to primarily provide toilet support, you can choose a wheelchair commode with smaller wheels. If the wheelchair commode is going to be used for the toilet as well as to provide mobility, then going in for sturdy big spoke wheels is better. This makes the chair easy to manoeuvre for the patient or the attendant as the case may be.


A wheelchair commode is valuable support for a patient with restricted mobility. It helps them maintain dignity and autonomy in their day-to-day functioning. Wheelchair commodes are available in many models. Please exercise due diligence and research the chair’s model before buying it. Choose what best suits your patient’s requirements.