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How to upgrade your weed pen experience- Tips and tricks

The quality of your vaping experience starts with the cartridge. Cartridges contain the cannabis oil or distillate that you vaporize and inhale when using a weed pen. With so many products on the market ranging in quality, it’s important to choose high-quality cartridges from reputable brands and avoid fakes or fillers. Check reviews and ask bud tenders for recommendations on cartridge brands that use premium cannabis extracts and natural terpenes for flavor. Higher-quality oils will produce tastier vapor and stronger effects.

Invest in better hardware

While most weed pen look visually similar, there are major differences such as the battery, heating element, airflow system, and more. Cheap weed pens might stop working quickly or deliver weak hits. Look for weed pens with bigger batteries that last longer per charge and allow you to take longer draws. Ceramic heating elements heat oil smoothly for pure flavor. Adjustable voltage settings allow you to customize the temperature to find your ideal vapor production and potency.

Consider hemp wick

A weed pens with exposed heating elements, consider using a hemp wick to heat and inhale from the pen. Hemp wick is made from natural hemp fibers coated with beeswax. Then, light the tip of the wick and use the flame to gently heat the element instead of pressing the battery button. It prevents inhaling any metals that could melt from the pen’s electrical components. Hemp wick also provides a lighter, more pure-tasting hit.

 Use a grinder

Using a grinder to break down your dry herb into a fine consistency before loading it into your weed pen’s chamber improves efficiency and flavor. The finely ground herb increases the surface area, allowing for more even heating and extraction by the weed pen’s oven. It leads to bigger clouds and more thorough effects from your material. Grinding also releases more trichomes and terpenes for better taste.

Change temperatures

Weed pens offer multiple present or adjustable temperature settings. Take advantage of these options to customize your sessions. Lower temps around 300°F will produce lighter, more flavorful vapor, while higher temps around 400°F will maximize clouds and effects. You start low and gradually increase to find the sweet spot for your needs, whether it’s taste or potency. Switching temperatures also prevents you from getting too used to one setting.

 Different oil consistencies

The thickness of cannabis oils and distillates vary, and each consistency provides a different experience. Try out oils labeled live resin, sauce, worse, or diamonds for greater terpene content and stronger, well-rounded effects. More viscous distillates with added terpenes tend to be smoother. Lighter distillates vaporize better for big clouds but lack multifaceted effects from less processed oils.

Give your battery a break

To prolong your weed pen’s battery lifespan, switch the device off in between puffs. Letting the pen sit idle while powered on puts extra strain. Also, avoid letting the battery completely die. Charge it when it reaches around 30% battery life. Storing your pen upright while not in use will help preserve battery capacity.

Go slow with low dosages

When trying a new strain of cannabis oil, start with small puffs to gauge the effects before working your way up. Even if you have a high tolerance, weed pens deliver concentrated doses. Low and slow dosing reduces the chances of unwanted side effects like anxiety or dizziness from too much THC. You always take more as desired.